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Timeless Antiques, at 1208 Belmont Street in Brockton, features quality and kitsch in antiques and oldies. Call them at (508) 580-3650.

There’s a fine and funny line here where beautiful advertising of yesteryear comes together as high-quality kitsch, accompanied by such things as suave, gentlemanly accoutrements for smoking and drinking. After the sins are gone, the gorgeous equipment remains — Errol Flynnish silver cigarette cases, exotic tobacco boxes and flasks, many art deco style.

Gary Epstein, this shop’s entertaining owner, also showcases objects like a big red gas pump, or the vast valentine of a Coca Cola sign, working vending machines and a painted restaurant sign from Provincetown, sporting a carved chicken. He has for sale a bronze woman warrior who zooms purposefully across a marble base (“I call her Xena Epstein”). The shop owner also loves the more aesthetic, old-fashioned fittings of various trades — the optometrist’s roll-top desk, the traveling shoe shiner’s bench, a trustworthy doctor made of glass. He’s transformed a beautiful 1920’s chrome base of a casket gurney into a glass-topped table. The Machine Age is present in a head made of a truck’s compressor. One wall is covered with a huge, spectacular poster for a magician, Carter The Great, eerily occult.

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Since May of 2005, Timeless Antiques has been presenting local artists in “the gallery.” Local artists who might never have had the opportunity to exhibit their work previously now can in our beautiful gallery space. We show artists from Brockton and its surrounding communities about twice a year. It’s a great way to bring more art into the city of Brockton while attracting a whole new audience who might never have visited the store before.


The Enterprise and the Patriot Ledger newspapers both ran feature articles on one of our artists, Tom Zotos, who had his first show with us and is now collaborating with Plymouth Rock Studios.

Our 3,000 sq. ft. showroom is the perfect venue for an opening night artist’s reception, wine tastings, and functions for up to 300 people.

Please contact us to inquire about an event or to have artwork considered for an exhibit.

Timeless Antiques and the Movies

Timeless Antiques is listed in the production guide of the Massachusetts Film Office as a store that can dress a movie set. With our hard-to-find set dressing we can help bring your production to life. We’ve got a huge inventory of antiques, furniture, rugs, cleared artwork, jewelry, lighting, sports memorabilia, and more.